05 November, 2010


It’s a sign that our mother earth is getting older from time to time
Starts with Mount Merapi located in Indonesia that will erupt very soon.
 (referred to current news on television)

Continue with flood disaster in Malaysia.
Luckily, my area did not get affected by the flood, but poor people in Jitra and Alor setar which facing the hard time there.
Government need to take precautionary steps in order to avoid the condition to get any worse

leptospirosis disease
hepatitis A
typhoid (taun)

Clear message isn’t? Start taking care of our environment

cukup cukuplah segala isi hasil perut bumi dikerah 
keluar hingga bumi meraung meminta 
tolong ecosystem yang tidak stabil
tinggalkan sedikit untuk generasi kehadapan.

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